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Our Story

Hukilau Surf Camp began when Matt Glock (our missionary to France) was

speaking in church.  He challenged us to use our passions for God.
Steve Wise heard this message. Steve’s passion for surfing began when he

was 12 while living in Hawaii during his father’s tour of duty in the Navy.

With this challenge Hukilau Surf Camp was born.
That was in 1999 and we have had camps every year except

2021 (the COVID year). Hukilau Surf Camp is proud to say we have had over

2,000 campers come and surf with us.

Let’s Go Surfin’ Now

  1.  We have a mission                                                                                                                                                    Hukilau was started as a mission to use our passion for God’s kingdom. During each surf camp session, all the campers gather together for a break under the Hukilau Surf Camp canopy. We provide snacks and water for all. During this break, a speaker is invited to share a faith story (usually surf related) while the campers take a break.

  2. Hukilau is staffed by volunteers.                                                                                                                             We are a 501(3)(c) non-profit, every coach and helper are volunteers and use their God given talents to help campers catch their first wave. 

  3. A Donation of $35 per camper
    Donations help to cover the costs of running the camp. If a family is unable to afford a donation, scholarships
     are available.

  4. At the end of each camp, we have a drawing for a gift certificate. We also provide each camper with a Certificate for completing the camp, a “goody bag” and a much coveted Hukilau Surf Camp tee shirt.

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